Jaguar Lee’s Mortal Engines

Every now and again, when I start to think that everyone has forgotten Mortal Engines, the internet throws up something wonderful to prove that a few people are still reading it, and that it’s inspiring them to create fantastic artwork. That happened this week, when Dave De Gobbi got in touch on the Facebook page to tell me about this amazing series of pictures by design student Jaguar Lee.  

What I like about them is the way they re-imagine the book; completely ignoring a lot of the description  to create something which is completely individual, but which somehow captures the feeling I was after – huge machines in dusty landscapes, and people dwarfed by the scale of their technology.

I’ve reproduced a couple of samples here, with Jaguar Lee’s permission – be sure to have a look at his blog for more. He tells me that he’ll be updating it with further Mortal Engines images soon, and it’s also full of lots of other cool landscape, costume and creature designs.

There’s one (non Mortal Engines) image in particular which could almost be an illustration for a scene I just wrote in the story I’m working on at the moment – but I’m not going to tell you which one it is!