Inspired by Railhead


Railhead isn’t even out yet, and it’s already being re-imagined! My publishers OUP have commissioned some artwork from leading illustrators and concept designers. It won’t be in the book – it’s for use online and as projections in the Railhead stage event I really need to be sorting out – so the artists were told to interpret the book as freely as they liked, rather than produce literal illustrations.  The pictures will be shared on various different blogs over the coming days. I’ll post updates on Twitter and Facebook, and a link here to all the posts once they’re all up.


Here’s the first selection, on We Love This Book. It includes pieces by the great Ian McQue (whose portrait of anti-hero Zen looks about right to me) and Anthony Foti, (whose picture of Nova is so unlike the character in the book that I’m starting to think it might have been mis-labelled and is meant to be one of the others). Also, a landscape sketch by Jaguar Lee, whose alternative takes on Mortal Engines are some of the most popular things I’ve published here, and a conversation between me and OUP’s Jo Cameron about the commissioning process.