Station Zero

I’m pleased to announce that Railhead 3 is on is way, and will be published in May 2018, and once again the cover illustration is by the great Ian McQue.

As with the first two books, Ian has chosen to focus on the characters rather than the technology: here are Zen and Nova, pictured during a quiet moment between heists and adventures. That’s fine by me, because Zen and Nova are my favourite characters, and I hope they’re the heart of the book. What with them and the chunky title lettering (designed by Holly Fulbrook & Jo Cameron) there isn’t room for a lot else on the front cover, but there are all sorts of details lurking on the back and on the inside flaps: a burning tower, some impressive futuristic cityscapes, a lilac sky full of enormous, complicated structures, a scary lady with an even scarier lizard bodyguard, and the old red train Damask Rose (who looks taller and squarer than I’d imagined her, but that’s OK – one of the pleasures of having your writing illustrated is seeing someone else’s take on it). WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? You’ll have to read Station Zero to find out.  But if you want a sneak peek and can’t wait till May, there’s a link to the opening pages here on the Booktrust website.




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