Black Light Express (and ‘Railhead Three’)

Black Light Express, the second volume in the Railhead trilogy, is out now as a paperback in the UK, published by Oxford University Press, cover illustrations by Ian McQue, and available in all good bookshops…

…and it’s also available as a hardback from all good bookstores in the USA, published by Switch Press (who did the cover artwork in-house, as far as I know…).

I’m currently busy writing volume three, which will be published in the UK next spring. It was slightly delayed by trips to New Zealand, etc, but mainly by me taking my time because I wanted to get it right. The third book in a sequence always has a lot of back story to deal with, and a loose ends to tie up. But I think the current version does the former fairly efficiently, and I think it finds its way to the right ending, while visiting plenty of interesting new worlds on the way, so I’m hoping to get it off to the printers soon, and the great Ian McQue is already working on a cover. I’m looking forward to sharing that, and Railhead 3’s actual title, as soon as I can.


  1. Julia Heaney
    Aug 16, 2017 @ 08:08:18

    Hey, very chuffed to know there is a third volume to this story, and quite a few of my borrowers will be too! Thanks


  2. Librariandoa
    Sep 02, 2017 @ 12:51:03

    I finished Black Light Express last week. At first I was feeling as if I liked the first book better though I couldn’t say why. Then I was reading at top speed, and in tears at the end. What twists! Looking forward to the next.


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