Lambs, Forthcoming Events, and a Good Cause.

Hope you all had excellent Easters (if you go in for that sort of thing) and ate too much chocolate, as I did. Spring has come to Dartmoor and, thanks to the hard work of all our farming friends and neighbours, the hills are alive with this sort of thing…

Ahhh, etc. Photo: Sarah Reeve

Meanwhile, I’ve just written my final guest post for the ever-excellent Girls Heart Books blog. It’s called Get Ahead – Get a Hat, and it’s about ways to overcome shyness when, as a writer, you suddenly find yourself called upon to get up and be performer too…

‘Make the scary people go away!’ etc. Photo: Jo Cotterill

It also seems a good moment to mention that Sarah McIntyre will be performing, hats and all, at the Hay Festival on 29th May. We’re taking part in an event called The Big Draw, with Horrible Histories illustrator Martin Brown (we did this once before at Hay, and it went really well, so fingers crossed that we can repeat it this year).  And we’ll also be doing our Oliver and the Seawigs event, which, after many months on the road, has been honed to something like perfection, hem hem – there’s even an outside chance that I might remember the chords in the Sea Monkey song.

And we’ll also be appearing at Manchester Children’s Book Festival on June 28th. Sarah’s Sea Monkeys crop up all over the festival website, and there’s even going to be a Grand Parade of Seawigs. I’m not entirely sure, but I think this might be the last completely Seawigs-themed event we do before we switch into Cakes in Space mode for the late summer and autumn festivals. So if you’re in or near Manchester, do come along! (There are loads of other things going on in the festival, too.)

Lastly but definitely not leastly, Tim Knight (who runs ace gaming/comics/TV/general geekery blog Heropress and has been a great supporter of my books over the years) will be doing a sponsored walk next weekend to raise money for the Stroke Association. Tim’s wife Rachel gives a sobering account of some of his reasons for doing so here. If you’d like to contribute, donations can be made here. Best wishes on the walk, Tim, from all Goblins, Sea Monkeys, Traction Citizens, and me.