Railhead Updates

It seems like DAYS since I posted the lovely Railhead cover, so here you go:

Railhead: The Sequel

It’s still six months until it will be published, but I’m very happy to announce that my next project will be RAILHEAD 2.  I introduce a big new world in the first book, and of course there wasn’t really space to explore a lot of the background details, so I’m delighted that OUP are giving me a chance to revisit the Network Empire in a second book, continuing the stories of some of the characters, and introducing new ones.

(The October publication date is for the UK, by the way. I hope to have news of a US date soon.)

Railhead: The Motion Picture

I don’t think I’ve mentioned here that the film rights to RAILHEAD were acquired last year by Warner Brothers. I believe the director currently associated with it is Doug Liman, who made Edge of Tomorrow, one of my favourite SF movies of recent years, so it’s in very good hands. As anyone who’s been waiting for a Mortal Engines adaptation will know, selling the rights is no guarantee that a movie will actually be made anytime soon, or even at all, but it’s still better than not selling the rights, so fingers crossed…

That Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow