Brecon Beacons to BGS

Well, the Hay Festival went well, and here’s a link to Sarah McIntyre’s account of the events we did together. there didn’t seem much point in me blogging about them because I didn’t get back to my computer until a week after the festival finished, having stayed on for a holiday with Sam and Sarah in the nearby Brecon Beacons.  We had a great time, avoided the rain that seemed to be lashing the rest of the British isles, and got Sam up his first two mountains, Carn Du and its near-neighbour Pen y Fan – a bit of a cheat, since the route we took starts from a car park half way up, but still a good long walk.

The conquest of Pen y Fan

We also visited some fine Welsh castles, and had a lovely evening with Jasper Fforde and his wife Mari, who live near Hay (I’m currently reading Jasper’s novel Shades of Grey, which is very strange and ingenious and extremely good).  And on the way home we stopped off at Caerleon to look at the Roman remains.  There is a well-preserved amphitheatre there, as well as a small but fascinating Roman Legions museum, and a Roman baths, very beautifully displayed and far more atmospheric than the ones at Bath (also free!).

This week I’ve been (very briefly) in Bristol, as a guest of the wonderful Bristol Grammar School.  You can read about my visit here.