Lego Shrike and Hester

Look! Lego versions of Shrike and Hester Shaw from the Mortal Engines books, as shared by Kaek J Kaekington on my Facebook page!

Thanks to everyone who has already downloaded The Traction Codex. If you like it, please spread the word.  I shall be posting a few of the pictures from it here over the coming days – I did them really big, but the versions in the e-book are tiny, for some reason, so I thought it would be nice to show them off in all their cross-hatchy glory.  Here’s my sketch of Tunbridge Wheels to be going on with…

And here’s a blog on the subject by my co-author and ace technical/historical/military advisor Jeremy Levett.

Hester’s Theme

It’s always good to find that one of my stories or characters has inspired somebody to create something of their own.  A while ago, Ray Clark sent me the link to a piece of music he’s written based on Hester Shaw in the Predator Cities books.  I’ve already put it up on my Facebook page, so apologies for taking so long to post it here too.

The picture above is Julia Zhuravleva’s portrait of Hester, (she’s eleth89  on DeviantArt and made the lovely animated opening sequence which I posted here last year).  And here’s another Hester picture I just discovered, also on DeviantArt, this time by Ronaldo Santa

Don’t forget, if you’re in or near Torquay in South Devon, I’ll be talking about Hester and the rest of the Predator Cities/ Fever Crumb universe at Torquay Library this coming Thursday, 5th July…