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Dartmoor gets ready for Christmas…

I try not to spam readers of this blog too much – I assume that if you’re reading, you probably already know about my books. But I guess part of its purpose is as a shop window, and it’s that time of year when I should spray fake snow all over it and fill it with my latest wares – which will, of course, make PERFECT presents for your nearest and dearest. If they like this sort of thing.

GOBLIN QUEST is my latest novel, and completes the Goblins trilogy (there may be more one day, but for the moment the goblins of Clovenstone are taking a well-earned rest). I hope these books will appeal to children of about 8 and upwards, and anyone who likes fantasy, or poo. (If you’re in the USA, only the first Goblins book is available – I presume the others will follow at some point). They make a colourful set, as you can see – like a selection pack of capsicum peppers. Cover illustrations by the great Dave Semple.

CAKES IN SPACE, my new book with Sarah McIntyre, is aimed a slightly younger audience – it’s shorter than Goblins and has way more pictures.

It’s the story of Astra, and her one-girl struggle against the mutant cakes which threaten to take over her ship during a long space voyage. It was a lot of fun to cook up, and the end result is a thing of beauty – Sarah and our designers at OUP have worked wonders with it. It’s full of cakes and silliness, and, oddly, it’s the closest thing to real Science Fiction I’ve ever written.  If you’re in London in the next few weeks you could keep an eye out for these great Cakes in Space posters on the underground…
Photo: Sally-Anne Hickman
The previous Reeve and McIntyre book, OLIVER AND THE SEAWIGS, is now out in paperback in the UK, though if you want to spend a few extra £s the hardback is still around, and has two-colour illustrations (in the paperback the blue has been replaced with grey, which works just fine – the pictures were always designed to work in monotone too – but I’m fond of the hardback).

If you’re after a bookish present for an even younger child, don’t forget JAMPIRES, a lovely new picture book by Sarah McIntyre and David O’Connell, more details here…
All of these titles are available from your local bookshops or via the usual online places. Happy shopping!

2013 – the Year of the Seawigs

Sarah McIntyre & friend at the Edinburgh Festival

Almost the end of another year, and, looking back, it feels as if it’s been a fairly productive one. I spent last January writing short stories which are both available in anthologies now – The Roots of Evil for the Dr Who 50th Anniversary anthology, and We Know Where We’re Goin for The End of the Road. And in March the Goblins of Clovenstone returned for Goblins vs Dwarves, which wasn’t a book I’d intended to write (I thought Goblins was a stand alone when I was working on it) but which turned out to be enjoyable to do, and better than its predecessor, I think.

But from then on it was the Year of the Seawigs. Oliver and the Seawigs was another book I never planned to write, but it turned out that working with Sarah McIntyre is the best decision I ever made, and certainly …Seawigs is the most fun I’ve ever had writing, and the publicity campaign has been amazing. I never imagined that I’d end up as one half of a double act after all those years of solo writing. And I certainly never imagined that I’d be performing sea monkey singalongs on the Golden Hinde next to a six-foot-tall illustrator in a six-foot-tall wig, or that our book would be advertised on the London underground, but look…

Photo: Blast
Photo: Stuart Pyle

Photo: Lauren O’Farrell

So in the coming year I shall be writing the third Reeve and McIntyre Adventure (Sarah is already hard at work on final artwork for the second, Cakes in Space, which will be out next September).  In April the third Goblins book will be published – it’s called Goblin Quest, and I dare say the goblins will be taking over this blog to let you know all the details nearer the time. And I shall also be returning to illustration, for a new series by Kjartan Poskitt called Borgon the Axeboy (who may or not be a relation of our old friend Urgum the Axeman).

Anyway, if you’ve been reading my stuff in 2013 (or even if you’ve just been reading this blog) thank you!

And if you’re still feeling festive, or if you’ve read Oliver and the Seawigs and are wondering what became of Stacey de Lacey and his army of Sea Monkeys, here’s a short story which we posted on Sarah’s blog while I was away in Ireland before Christmas.

And here’s a lovely SONG, recorded for posteriority at Daunt’s Books by the wonderful Candy Gourlay.


An Announcemint from the GOBBLINS

Greetings, Pathethtick Sofftlings!

Yes, it is yore old frennds the CLOVENSTONE GOBBLINS here, with anothver top-notch GUEST POST. Thiss time we has bin arsked to alurt you to the PERRIL posed by DWARVES.

Menny people fthink thatt DWArVES is NICE. They wotches rubish films like SNO WHITE AN THE SEVEN SAMURAI and THE HObBBIT AN UNEXPECTORATED JOURNEY and they getts the idea thatt Dwarves is all joly an brave an hard wokring an such.

This is NOTT TROO.

Iff you read the ace new burk GOBLINS VS DWARVES (available NOW from all good sofftling bumwipe sellers) you wil learn about the trubble we had when a bunch of the stumpy-legged beard-faces decided to staRt mining up Clovenstone, where we live, an draniNg our precious lava lake from hoo’s mystic depths (that’s litterature) all GOBBLINGS is hatched.

Nott only thatt, but we had even MORE trubble when Skarper and HeNwyn tried to persuade the sofftlings to help us fight oFf the Dwarvish mennis.  An why? Because the sofftlings had all been reading Sno White an The Hobbtit or simliliar  unlilkely tales an so the beleeved thatt Dwarves is brave hard workling etc and that Gobblins is all EVIL and SMEL.

(Acshually we DO smel, so maybe they was right about thatt. But we digress…)

All this trubble what we hadd has made us reelise thatt most Sofftlings does not know their arras from their elbow when it cOmes to Dwarves. (CLUE: an ARRAS is a sort of tapestry, and ELBOW is a boRing softliNg band.)

In our next Blogg post wee will be tellin you THREE WAYS TO TELL IF YOU HAS GOTT AN INFNESTATION OF DWARVES an whatt you cann do aboUt the little bliters. In the meentime:


Ps:  Here is wott one nice sofftling bumwipe reviewer said about it, an all the others will be sayin nice thinggs too IF THEY KNOWS WHATT IS GOOD FOR THEM.

PPS: sOry some of this bloGg is a bit faded: GutgUst did a wee all over it.  

PPpS: PriNceSs Ned says yoo should probibly wash Yore haNds aFter yoU hav read it.

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