Goblins in the U.S.A.

Yay! We is goingg ter TAkE AMErICA BY STorM just like tHe BEATLEs. That burk corLed GOBLINnS is out now in the U.S, with an all-new cover. 
Framnkly we dus notT undersTtand itt, whOo is the laDy wivth the sworD ment to bee? And iz thoze othver fiNgs supPosed ter be GOBLINGS? Evryone who haz red GOBLInNS knoWS that weE is actUlally devlilishly handsome and tuoghf, we duz nott look like thatT bUnch of weierdoes. Butt that is the Americnans for yOu they also likE DownTon Abbie an thinK HersheY Bars tasTe like Choclolate. Who is wee to argoo?
AnyWay, iff yoo is an American GoBblins iz nott a bad burk an maKes verry goOd BUMWIPE. (We haz nott red it ourselves we iz wating fer the MOOVIE).