RAILHEAD in Bologna

A big thank you to everyone who Tweeted, blogged, or shared the RAILHEAD cover on Facebook. I know it seems a bit early to be making all this song and dance about it (the book won’t be published till October), but it’s important to let booksellers and reviewers know it’s coming, as well as giving advance warning to readers. The OUP rights team are at the Children’s Book fair in Bologna this week, where they’ll working their socks off trying to sell the rights to publishers from other countries. Tom Gates author Liz Pichon spotted the big RAILHEAD banner on the OUP stand at the fair…

Also a banner for Pugs of the Frozen North, my latest project with Sarah McIntyre. (Check out Liz’s amazing, hand-drawn Tom Gates dress!)

Sarah has written an interesting piece for her blog about foreign publication deals, and some of the tricks she uses as a picture book illustrator to make the books translatable. It’s well worth reading.

I’m still waiting for the results of OUP’s Twitter competition to select ‘RAILHEAD Ambassadors’. McIntyre clearly thinks she’s in with a chance, and has designed a special ambassadoring hat for herself (plus Ferrero Rocher pin).


Seawigs in Bologna!

Sarah McIntyre and I were at the Bologna Children’s Book fair earlier this week, doing our best to promote Oliver and the Seawigs, our forthcoming book with Oxford University Press.  Look, Publisher’s Weekly noticed us:

(You can read the full article here. And here’s a good article by Elaine McQuade, OUP’s Head of Marketing and PR, about what goes on at Bologna and why it’s so important for children’s publishers.)

As usual, Sarah had already blogged extensively about our adventures by the time I got home, so here’s a link to her account, which has loads more pictures of our ‘flashy nautical attire’, and here’s a link to Part Two, which features the sharktastic new picture book she’s been doing for Scholastic.