Mortal Engines on Reddit

I learned last week that there is a forum or ‘subreddit’ of the Reddit website devoted to all things Mortal Engines. Unfortunately it’s not very well attended – but the nice people who set it up are hoping to change that.  You can find it here, and on Saturday 19th January I’ll be doing an AMA session between 6pm – 9pm (UK time).

I think AMA stands for ‘Ask Me Anything’, so feel to do so, within reason. (The question I am most often asked is ‘Will there be a movie?’ to which I don’t know the answer, but I shall do my best to answer anything else.)

So I’ll talk (or type) to you then, I hope, and if you can’t join in on Saturday, it’s still worth checking out the Mortal Engines Subreddit.

(And I’m happy to try and answer your questions over on Facebook at any time.)