Reeve & McIntyre 3: Pugs of the Frozen North

Just back from the Oxford University Press sales conference, where I was talking about Railhead, and also about the new Reeve and McIntyre book, which will be called…

Sarah McIntyre
It’s an everyday story of two children and a team of sixty-son a race to the North Pole, and I think it’s going to be pug-tastic. The basic idea was Sarah’s, and we came up with the story together, as usual. Here’s the back cover…
Sarah McIntyre

If you pop over to McIntyre’s blog you can see some of the lovely interior artwork, which she’s busy working on as we speak. The pugs will be arriving at a bookshop near you this September.

As for Railhead, the cover is still a SECRET, but I read a bit, and it seemed to go down well…

There’s lots of other good stuff on the OUP list for this autumn. I particularly liked the look of SUPER HAPPY MAGIC FOREST, by Matty Long. It’s a sort of picture-book fantasy quest parody, a full of elaborate, joke-packed pictures like this…

Matty Long

And I also found that Matty Long has drawn a Mortal Engines picture!

Matty Long


  1. Tim Knight
    Feb 12, 2015 @ 19:26:52

    Great Mortal Engines picture. Makes me yearn to return to that world.

    Very excited about Railhead, you tease 😉


  2. Larissa
    Feb 14, 2015 @ 01:09:13

    Pugs! Oh my goodness, they are adorable.


  3. Philip Reeve
    Feb 17, 2015 @ 15:10:33

    They are, aren't they? And sorry Tim – there's nothing railhead-y ready to show yet, but I hope to have cover designs (and proof copies) in a couple more months.


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