Pugs and Bugs

It’s odd having two books coming out at the same time. Here’s the current window of the Oxford University Press bookshop in Oxford, photographed by Neill Cameron

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Last Thursday OUP arranged a puglicity stunt for Pugs of the Frozen North on London’s South Bank, with me, Sarah McIntyre and a whole grumble of pugs. McIntyre has written a great piece about it over on her own blog, so I have nothing to add except my own big thank you to the pug-owners, who were lovely, and their pugs, who were also lovely. I’d never understood the appeal of pugs before (we only put them in our book we needed some dogs that looked silly pulling a sled across the arctic). Now that I’ve met some, I understand completely – they’re friendly, full of character, and love being dressed up in strange outfits and having their picture taken. (Rather like McIntyre, in fact…)


Here’s a kindly review of Pugs… which appeared in yesterday’s Times.

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Meanwhile, over on Sister Spooky’s blog, more Railhead artwork has being revealed. Sister Spooky is also known as Laura Heath, and you’ll probably know her blog already if you’re interested in YA fiction, as she’s one of the UK’s leading YA book bloggers. The pictures she’s hosting on her blog are by Ian McQue and another of my favourite illustrator, Jonathan Edwards (@jontofski on Twitter and Instagram, where his work continually amazes me). He’s created a couple of beautiful images to tie in with Railhead, and this first one shows a Hive Monk – friendly fellows made of millions of bugs, with paper masks for faces.


Pop over to Sister Spooky’s to see it full size, along with a fabulous Ian McQue landscape.


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