Pug and Blog Tours

Next week, Sarah McIntyre and I will be setting off to bring the good news of Pugs of the Frozen North to Manchester, Birmingham, Colchester, bath, Cheltenham and various points in between. Details on McIntyre’s Blog.


A pack of knitted pugs awaits our arrival at Simply Books in Bramhall, Manchester…

But next week also marks the publication of Railhead.  I’ll be marking that with a slightly less strenuous tour of Other People’s Blogs. I’m going to do something called the Railhead A-Z, twenty-six posts, arranged in alphabetical order, about various aspects of the Railhead world and the writing process. The first will appear right here on Thursday 1st October, as long as I remember to press the ‘publish’ button while I’m knee deep in pugs. You can follow me on Twitter for day-by-day updates about where the rest are appearing, and at the end of the process I’ll post links to all 26 here.

And while we’re on the subject, head over to Bart’s Bookshelf for the latest bit of Railhead concept art, a superb Hive Monk by Ian McQue…


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