1. Tim Knight
    Dec 31, 2017 @ 15:58:30

    I’m very excited for this. I hope the film does your work justice and that you’re pleased with Peter Jackson and Christian Rivers’s efforts to bring your masterpiece to life on the silver screen.


    • Philip Reeve
      Dec 31, 2017 @ 16:57:01

      Thanks, Tim! Everything I’ve seen so far looks very promising.


  2. The Sheehab
    Jan 01, 2018 @ 07:49:42

    Thrilled your books are finally getting the silver screen treatment. Glad you’re pleased with what you see so far


  3. James Ryan
    Jan 01, 2018 @ 11:27:04

    It really is a wonderful teaser and many people seem to love it and have taken the time to find out more about the origins of it. The real question is what do you think? (other than it looks promising?).


    • Philip Reeve
      Jan 01, 2018 @ 17:10:35

      I think it looks promising. That’s how this works : )


  4. Caroline
    Jan 01, 2018 @ 16:04:12

    The towns look great, but if the girl with the red scarf is supposed to be Hester: Why does she have ‘normal’ eyes? It seems a chance for a great, ugly heroine has been missed. But let’s not be hasty…


  5. Wolf
    Jan 08, 2018 @ 10:11:03

    I have to say I agree with Caroline, and with a lot of internet chatter to the same effect. The girl on the screen is not Hester as Mr. Reeve described her. I imagine there’s some “fetching little scar” (to pull a quote from Infernal Devices) underneath that scarf, but heaven forbid Hollywood cast a female lead with a less than pretty face…


  6. Tom
    Jan 22, 2018 @ 21:52:59

    Every since I first read the quartet I’ve loved it! I was lucky enough to Mr. Reeve at the British library many years ago, way back when the idea of a movie was still in its infancy. I must admit, with A-Levels and University I somewhat forgot about the prospect of a film, to the extent that I even missed Reeves blog posts about filming!

    Luckily, a friend pointed me towards the trailer a few days ago (she knew very well how much I love the series), and I’ve been excited ever since! University readings can wait for the time being, I’m already half way through Mortal Engines! The great thing about living in London though, is that I’ll (hopefully) be local to the premiere, I can’t wait to crowd around the glitz and glamour on December 14th, trying to get a view of the stars!

    I really do hope that Jackson can do the series justice, and I wish for a very successful Mortal Engines movie, and then Predators Gold, Infernal Devices and then A Darkling Plain! Who know, maybe even Fever Crumb 4 is in the works for a future date?!

    Here’s to Philip! May the silver screen show Municipal Darwinism at it’s finest!


    • Philip Reeve
      Jan 23, 2018 @ 10:28:11

      Thanks, Tom!


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