Emirates Flight Time Stories

So Emirates Airlines are running a story-writing competition for children and their families, and they’ve asked me and Sarah McIntyre to get involved.  


Parents or guardians are invited to visit the Flight Time Stories website with their kids and together submit a travel-inspired story of up to 500 words – it might be about a holiday you’ve been on, or a holiday you’re going on, or just somewhere you’d like to go. It could be based on things that really happened in a real place, or it could be complete fantasy. And you can also submit a colourful front-cover illustration. I think that’s one reason why Sarah was so keen to support this – she often comes home from her travels with amazing sketchbooks and travel comics, where words and pictures combine to record her memories and impressions of the trip. Often she’ll draw herself and her fellow travellers as animals rather than people (it’s easier, and you don’t have to worry about offending anyone with an unflattering portrait).mcintyre_chinacomic_1_zpsplknpt21

Sarah’s written more about her travel comics here on her own blog…

The deadline for competition entries is fairly tight – they have to be in by midnight on 6th November – but half term is coming up, and whether you’re travelling with kids or staying at home with them, it might be a good chance to create something. The best entries will win prizes, including a family trip to Dubai. And Sarah and I will use one or more of your stories as inspiration for a storybook we will create, which will be available online early next year (we’ll be dedicating it to the child or children who helped inspire it). 

So visit the Emirates Flight Time Stories website and start thinking about how you and your family can get creative!

(All artwork by Sarah McIntyre, of course.)

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