Black Light Express

Eek!  I’ve been so busy zooming around on publicity missions that I forgot to post anything here about Black Light Express, which was officially published in the UK on 6th October.  It’s the first sequel to Railhead, and was tricky to write. In addition to the first book’s vast interstellar network of railway stations inhabited by a diverse bunch of human beings, artificial intelligences and sentient insects, Zen and Nova have discovered a way onto another network, still more vast, inhabited by… well, read Black Light Express and find out!  Not only that, but the events of Railhead have led to all kinds of upheavals in the Network Empire. Threnody finds herself Empress – but for how long? Not all the god-like Guardians think Empress Threnody is a good idea, and out on their icy branch-line worlds the Prell family are plotting plots and scheming schemes. Meanwhile, Chandni Hansa, a character so minor that in Railhead she was only seen through the lid of a freezer in a cryogenic prison, has surprised me by waking up and demanding a part in the story for herself…


Black Light Express is published in the UK by Oxford University Press, and available from all good bookshops.

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  1. Jamie McKAY-HAYNES
    Nov 03, 2016 @ 21:27:27

    And another one knocked clean out of the park, ‘squire. Devoured in one sitting (well, one lie-down, to be scrupulously honest). Cried at the end, for all the same reasons I usually get choked up by your magnificent fictions about the essentials of life. Everyone is so very real, and without irony Nova most especially. Splendid stuff sir, and Jinks and O’Hare going down a storm at bedtime for my children too. Keep on keeping on, and we’ll keep on too. Many, many thanks.


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